Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Dog Liberator Posts Hope for Death Row Dogs

This is Hope Master. She spends 10 hours every day of her life trying to save animals. She is a rescuer and a rescue facilitator.

I can't even list all of the dogs that Hope has asked us to rescue, but Maureen's Hope, Frances, Stargazer, Carter, Cassie and Holly's recent Borgies are just some of them. But that's not all, remember Blink, the tiny Border Collie that was adopted yesterday? It was Hope that alerted me that this doing was stuck in a shelter and her time was up. Hope has a way of reaching out to the right folks to save the dogs!

I receive weekly emails from Hope begging me to take dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized. Emails start on Friday, and by Monday, they become more and more urgent.

By Tuesday evening, Hope is frantically arranging transport and must get over 200 emails a day. In some cases, whoever is left unclaimed at the shelter by 7:30 AM every Wednesday morning, is put down. And every Wednesday afternoon, I get another email from Hope informing me of how many were pulled, and how many weren't. It's a bitter sweet ritual. (Maureen's Hope shown)

Right before the Borgies were on their way via transport, I spoke with Hope, and had a few questions. Much to my surprise, this very strong woman broke down. Working on no sleep whatsoever, and trying to keep up with various dogs, various shelters, and thousands of rescue volunteers, Hope was at the end of her rope. I know the feeling very well. But the difference between me and Hope Master, is that she rarely is recognized or is appreciate for what she does. Hopefully, this blog post will change that a little, by introducing her to all of you, and sharing her story and her dreams, we can help her continue her behind-the-scenes rescue efforts. (Frances shown)

Hope is much more than a cross-poster, she follows up on every viable lead. She works hard with rescues to take death row dogs. She donates, sponsors, does anything necessary to facilitate the rescue of an animal.

She is a well-known and successful liaison between various rescue organizations. She plans and organizes major transports from Georgia to Florida, from Georgia to Connecticut, and from North Florida to South Florida. Her transports involve 15- 55 dogs at times. She also transports dogs herself, even her husband transports dogs for her on a regular basis.

Hope won't hesitate to board dogs so they don't get killed, and also pays for their medical necessities if necessary. She pays for this out of her own pocket unless she gets donations, but she rarely asks for donations. But let's face it, without donations, we just can't keep going. Hope doesn't have the luxury of collecting adoption fees like I do, which allows me to save the next dog. (Holly's Borgies shown)

Hope has been saving dogs from Georgia shelters for the past 6 months, however, she has been rescuing dogs for 8 years. She personally spends $500 - $700 on these transports every week. Some people think it's a waste of money, but she believes if everyone could contribute $15 or $30 to save a dog, it IS worth it.

Just in the past two weeks, Hope has coordinated four paid transports and she's doing another one today. She has 35 dogs and 5 cats going to rescues in Florida.

There is no doubt in my mind that because of Hope, an average of 100 - 200 dogs are saved every week. Whether it's just an email, a phone call, or a cross-post, Hope finds ways to get these dogs to safety. But, she needs help. If anyone can donate to her cause, Hope has a paypal account under her email address of hope@hope4dogs.net or you can email her for more information.

Update: Lynne Deal asked several months ago if we can do a website or blog for Hope, but her answer was, she simply does not have the time. She doesn't even have a spare moment to have a Facebook account. There are just too many emails and phone calls, and not one more task can be squeezed in. Hope really needs a volunteer assistant. Someone that can take the ball and run with it. My offer still stands to assist Hope in anyway I can to spread the word, increase awareness, increase funding, and ultimately SAVE MORE DOGS!

While writing this blog post, I just got an email from Hope to help save 35 animals from Floyd County Animal Control. It just never stops.


You can see the original post on TDL's blog by cicking here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Carter & Cassie go to The Dog Liberator

As Posted on The Dog Liberator's Blog: Cassie, 3 year-old female Border Collie Mix, 40 pounds and gorgeous. Cassie is fully vetted, spayed, micro-chipped and Heartworm negative. Both were rescued by Hope Master.

Cassie is three years old, and the mother of Carter, whom we believe is about a year old. Robin is fostering these two, and says they are absolute dolls, and gorgeous.
Here is Carter wearing the cone of shame! Carter has been neutered, vetted, microchipped and is heartworm negative. He is going to be groomed this weekend, and watch out! This boy is gorgeous even when he's filthy!

Both Carter and Cassie came with several ticks on them, and they have been treated. Carter is very much a velcro dog. He would be awesome with a family. Carter is also a Border Collie mix. He is the larger of the two, and has a luxurious coat. Carter is currently 45 pounds, but he's all fur. He really needs to gain a little bit more weight.

Their original shelter photos can be seen in Hope's video.

Cassie and Carter have both found wonderful homes with plenty of land and wonderful owners. They will be spoiled rotten.

Update on Carter, now Carson:
Hi Giselle!
Just an update on Carson. He is the best and most benevolent being I have ever known. he gets along wonderfully with every being he comes in contact with even the cat. They actually are friends I think. Thank you so much for all your help and for the post. No replies yet but it will come. Carson has learned a lot since coming to me but it is I who have learned so much from him. He brings a peace I have not had in a long time to our home and to me personally. I love him with all my heart and he will always be treated with kindness and love. He was the right choice and continues every day to fill my life and the farm with joy and love. We will leave for NH on the 30th of May and return around the 10th of June. Hope to have some pictures for you soon. Thanks again for your kindness and insight.


Update on Cassie!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Maureen's Hope is Saved

Another fairy tale ending! Thank you Hope Master!

I will write more about this poor little pup. Originally, I saw her photo, which was sent to me by Hope Master, and promised to take her out of a VERY high-kill shelter that euthanizes every Wednesday morning, 7:30 AM sharp - period. Volunteers scramble to pull the dogs and transport them to rescues. Abby with New Beginnings Rescue had dibs on this pup. When I arrived to pick up Stargazer, I noticed the pup and mentioned to Abby that I was hoping to get her. She quickly gave me permission to take her! I was thrilled. Our Foster, Karen, (shown left) immediately took little Hope to the vet the next day, and oh boy, was she sick. Fever, ear infection, loaded with every worm possible, lethargic, and pneumonia. What else could go wrong? After 3 days of hos-pitali-zation, thanks to a donation by Maureen to cover the expenses (Gisele the Collie Girl's Mom) Maureen's Hope is back home with her foster family, and Karen is nursing her back to health. Hope will be available for adoption once she can undergo full vetting. Update Posted on Facebook 04/01/10: Easter Sunday, Karen drove Hope to me in Deltona to be treated by Dr. Kim of Val-u-Vet. At this point, with little improvement since we got her on the 17th, I'm not taking anymore chances. She should be better by now. Because Hope had a distemper shot on the 16th, and I got her on the 17th, the vet says she will test positive for distemper for 3-4 weeks. All tests that can be done will not show a strong positive for anything without doing a tissue sample from the lungs… ouch. Dr. Kim makes no promises, but will do her best.... We will have to wait and see, and make her comfy, continue antibiotics, fluids, treat the congestion, possibly do an x-ray, administer breathing treatments (boy this sounds familiar) and pray. There's nothing more we can do. When she said she will make no promises, I sank... but I really love Dr. Kim, she's the best. Very Very Smart Lady and to the point. Thank you so much for your help Maureen. Karen, cross your fingers. This is your first foster, and it sucks. Stargazer and Maureen's Hope were crate mates on the transport, and Stargazer is fine, but she's several months older than Hope. Clearly whatever is wrong with her happened before she was turned into the shelter. Clearly she was turned in because she was sick. And the people who hate rescues should be shot. This pound would've put her down without hesitation, and her own people tossed her out the window like a half-eaten bologna sandwich. Who's left cleaning up the mess do I dare ask? I will be completely gray by months' end. For real-time updates on Maureen's Hope, join us on Facebook. Update 04/02/10: You know when your kids want something, and you say no... they stick out their lower lip, bat those big cow eyes at you and whimper... please? Well... it works! Here's an email I just received from a lovely young lady, Erica: Dear Gisele, This might sound silly, but maybe to some one with the same heart you will understand. The night I joined the border collie rescue site for Southeast US is the night I couldn't sleep. I saw the posting for Hope, nameless at the time, and was sick with worry not knowing that there are so many wonderful organizations like yours out there. The next day I did everything I could to get up there and save her myself but my attempts were futile because I'm in college and my classes wouldn't allow me to get there in time. I worried all day until they called me to tell me at 4pm that she was safe! I was so happy I went home and right away posted this good news on the site. After that I heard nothing about her, not knowing where she had gone or who saved her. Then last night while I was looking around the rescue sites I saw a familiar face, and her name was Hope, the perfect name for her. This being said, I live 40 minutes away from your establishment and I was hoping maybe you would give me the privilege of meeting her. She stole a little piece of my heart and just meeting her would mean a lot to me. Sorry this is such a long message and I hope reading this isn't wasting your time, I just feel a strong connection to her and feel like it's almost fate our paths crossed again. Please let me know if it's possible for me to visit sometime next week. If not I understand and I hope some one is able to give her a great home! God Bless Erika Fontana I was 19 years old when I got my first Border Collie in Houston, Texas. Found her under a shed at Herman Park Medical Center, and lived happily ever after! Here's a Photo of Karen's son and Hope after she started to show some improve-ment. Update 04/07/10: All eyes are on little Hope. Foster Mom, Karen is on a much-needed break, so when Dr. Kim called and said I could bring Hope home, I really wanted her to stay in foster care. And guess who held their hand up in the air saying, "Pick Me!" Erica! So, Erica has little Hopie for several days so she can meet the family. Hope will not be available for adoption, (even though Erica wants her yesterday) until she can be spayed, receive all of her boosters, and micro-chipped. I believe Hope has spent a total of 7 days in a hospital-like setting. Hopefully the medication she has received does the trick. This two steps forward, three steps back makes me nervous. Update 04/15/10: Little Hopie was returned to Karen even though Erica had a hard time letting her go! But having Hope for the weekend gave her parents a chance to get to know the pup. Erica's mother (shown left) is very dog-savvy and assured us that Hope was getting better, but still not 100%. Once with Karen again, we wondered how much more time is it going to take for this pup to be well? It happened! Yesterday, Karen was thrilled to see a dramatic improvement in the pup. I look at this photo, and think that Hope is saying, "Yeah, they love me!" In the meantime, today, Erica has returned to take little Hope to her parents' house as a permanent foster with the intent to adopt. I hope to insert a blurb from Karen about her first foster experience, and how she felt when Erica came today to pick up Hope... trust me, it's going to be good stuff!!!! In the meantime, I must share with you a comment that Karen made to me just an hour ago while we were on the phone. Quite emotional about Hope's adoption, Karen exclaimed, "Gisele you saved her." Huh? Let's break this apart, shall we? Hope was rescued by shelter volunteers who crossposted their plea for a rescue to get her out before she was to be euthanized. Hero #1. Hope Master coordinated the transport, and paid for any boarding fees and transport fees, along with an army of awesome people. Collective Heroes #2. Abby with New Beginnings Rescue agreed to take the pup. Hero #3. Karen volunteers to foster, and really wants a pup. She drives little Hope all over the place to two different vets several times, keeps me updated, gives the pup a bath, keeps me updated, gives her the meds, and keeps me updated. Hero #4. Maureen gets a call from me (I'm frantic) and graciously funds Hope's vet bills. Heavy Hitting Hero #5. Everyone at the Val-u-vet in Sanford and Deltona who keep an eye on hope, and puts up with phone calls from me, Maureen, and Karen, are saints! Collective Heroes #6. And then, there's Erica. Wow. With a photo like that, do I need to keep writing? This beautiful young lady just doesn't give up. She parades little Hope in front of her parents, and says, "CAN I KEEP IT?" And now, Erica wants to get into rescue, big time. Hero #7. Erica said to me over the phone last week (which I posted on Facebook) she believes the reason why we have a connection is because I was just like her when I was young, and she'll be a lot like me when she gets older. Flattery will get you everything my dear! All I did, was show up at a transport, point my finger at a sick little pup, and tell Abby, "I want that one." If Hope were to see me today, she might bark at me, because we have not really met (except one day at the vet when I cuddled her). It takes a network of awesome people to save one dog. P.S. If you read the article that I posted, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, some do not believe that Erica should've been approved to adopt Hope. Those are the people that believe my style of rescue is "weird". I'm starting to like being weird a lot! Erica? Can't wait to work with you!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hope Master Saves #29310 - Frances

Frances, the purebred Border Collie was pulled by Hope Master from Heard County Animal Control, Georgia, and privately transported by Joey Dorsey, Paws & Claws Pet Transport.

Frances had so many ticks on him, they were embedded in his eye-lids and freely crawling on his back, and in his ears. At first touch, his ears were swollen.

Frances was delivered to me the evening of Saturday May 1st. He would not eat anything for me, not even salmon, cottage cheese, or hot dogs. He would barely lift his head, and had just enough strength to give me one thump with his tail. I was positive that he was heartworm positive, and worried that maybe it was heartworms that was affecting him.

I took him into my Deltona Val-u-Vet Monday morning and requested that he be hospitalized. There, he was evaluated by Dr. Oliver, put on IV fluids, given Vitamin B Complex, and antibiotics. The next morning, he ate, and my vet was proud to announce he was heartworm negative! I did a little victory dance!

I brought him home Tuesday, and let him rest for the week. But Friday was his big day! He met a professional groomer, that came to my home JUST FOR HIM!

Erika, of Bath and Doggy Works evaluates Frances and groomed him. The results are unbelievable. The matting was so severe, Erika explained how painful matting can be. What Erika revealed was purebred Border Collie.

Step by Step videos of his grooming have been provided on a separate blog post so you can see how Erika approached this challenge. Many people suggested that I shave him down. I just couldn't do it.

In the upcoming days, Frances will return to the vet to receive all of his shots, micro chip and be neutered. This is why it was so critical to have him groomed before he is neutered.

Updates regarding Frances' temperament will be coming soon.

When I look at dogs like Frances, and for example, Tater, who is currently available for adoption, other dogs like Jet, and Tim Tebow, Gisele the Collie, Shy Shannon, Trixie Belle, and Chelsea - I think about their temperament, and I wonder what idiot gave them up. It's a crazy world out there, and I'm sure that one day I will find myself in a rubber room.... that's okay, I have a lot of friends that will visit me there!

Update: Frances was adopted 6/22/10 and will go live on a sheep farm. His new owners have asked to remain anonymous, however, I will get updates on his condition. He was very very happy!